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The price of free speech

The price of free speech

Ricardo Rodriguez

March 2, 2017

Among many of the issues dominating the political dialogue of our country, liberals and conservatives have another reason to squabble–free speech. At the forefront of this conflict is Milo Yiannopoulos who has made a career out of his scandalous and often satirical, political commentary. And business ...

The low-hanging fruit of activism

The low-hanging fruit of activism

Enrique Bonilla

February 23, 2017

In an ongoing struggle between the state and the people during the current Trump presidency, both fascist and anti-fascist groups have taken their views to the streets. Early Feb., a small group of anti-fascist (antifa) members helped break down barricades, set off fires and help a crowd in the thousa...

Censorship by student censure, a troubling trend

Gaige Davila

August 16, 2016

My summer has been preoccupied with following this year’s presidential election and other happenings. I comb through the mass of commentators, economists, lawyers, news networks, academics, and experts for a comprehensive perspective on current events. Regardless of their beliefs, I listen. I often...