The Paisano

The main board in the Music Tech Lab and its various preamps, effects and mixers. Photo courtesy of MuTe

Rudiments of production

Devin De Leon February 14, 2018

Music Technology Club invites students to MuTe Fest to increase knowledge of audio production. Have a passion for the technical side of producing music? MuTe festival will be held on campus in the...

Josh Nava, founder of MuTe, demonstrates how music is created in the lab. Enrique Bonilla, The Paisano

MuTe club brings music technology to UTSA students

Enrique Bonilla February 1, 2017

The beats that induce shaking and voguing, the arpeggiated strums you hum alone in the shower and the slow falsetto notes that bring a tear to your eye all begin somewhere. Whether birthed on a computer...

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