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UTSA women’s golf places second in Mexico

The team takes a group photo with their trophy.
Photo courtesy of UTSA Athletics

Frankie Leal

April 11, 2017

Last week, the UTSA women’s golf team travelled to Mexico to compete in the “Hawkeye El Tigre Invitational.” Big schools such as Kansas, Ole Miss, and Washington made the trip across the border to the scenic, coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. All in all, there were 79 players from 14 s...

Athlete of the week: Nikki Long

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Huehn / UTSA Athletics

Wylie Kuykendall

February 23, 2017

Helping lead the ‘Runners Women's Golf team to its first tournament win of the season, this Junior economics major is much more than a top-tier athlete in her sport. Nikki Long, born in Fairfield, California, was too busy following her dream of theatre to worry about swinging a 9-iron in her early ...