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Office of Information Technology changes operation model

The Office of Information Technology has been renamed. Photo by Ellyson Ortega

Heather Montoya

October 16, 2019

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will now be called University Technology Solutions (UTS). Kendra Ketchum, UTSA vice president for information management and technology, sent out an email announcing that the name change is effective as of Oct. 1. The office is not only changing its name, but...

Wi-Fi woes: Connection issues with wireless network

Graphic by Amber Chin/The Paisano

Heather Montoya

September 5, 2018

During the first week of the Fall 2018 semester, students experienced Wi-Fi connection issues on campus.  “A lot of people were complaining about not being able to access the Internet or get messages on GroupMe. I didn’t get messages from GroupMe until a few days later,” said Secile Grubbs, s...

Tuition rise

Tuition rise

Loy Fong

February 21, 2018

Sitting in on the Tuition and Fee Proposal committee, I got an interesting opportunity to see how UTSA tries to work out the complexities of what to prioritize. As the faculty’s and presenters’ least favorite committee member, due to my frequent questions and criticism, I’d like to relay what I...

Run, hide, fight

Graphic by Chase Otero/The Paisano

Danielle Throneberry

October 19, 2017

Run, hide and fight. These are the survival tactics the UTSA Emergency Response Guide advises in case of an active shooter on campus. Run: evacuate immediately if there is an escape route nearby; leave your belongings behind; do not try to move wounded people; and prevent others from entering the area....