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Prop B: Police Accoutability of Defunding?

Tae Tran, Assistant Opinon Editor April 30, 2021

In light of the Derek Chauvin case, the demand for police reform has increased dramatically across the nation, and San Antonio isn’t an exception.   Proposition B has been proposed on the...

Liberty and justice? Perhaps not for all

Liberty and justice? Perhaps not for all

Bella Nieto, News Editor April 6, 2021

Prior to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths, the country had already shouldered a global pandemic, a collapsing economy and was on the cusp of boiling over from grief over the spirit of a nation...

Illustration by Amber Chin

SAPD: Abolishing and defunding are not the same

Jaida Sloan, Staff Writer October 16, 2020

Defunding the police is a referendum on American values and should not be confused with abolishing the police. In short, defunding the police can be described as the reallocation or redirection of funding...

Pepsi ad falls flat

Jessica Salinas April 11, 2017

Last week, Kendall Jenner single-handedly ended police brutality, racial violence and tensions with a can of Pepsi. The American fashion model and television personality was featured in a short-lived...

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