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Hand drawn graphic of vegetables and a carton of French fries

Peas on Earth

Katrina Clements August 30, 2018

Excess production and consumption of meat and dairy has led to a dying planet  Raised awareness of human contribution to the downfall of our environment has made some individuals ask themselves, “What...

The beaches of Guyana littered with tires and waste.
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Strawless in Seattle

Natalia Brookens August 21, 2018

The recent fad of reducing plastic straw usage draws attention to larger ocean waste. Recently, social media has been filled with images and videos of beaches covered in plastic, as well as sea animals...

Photo Courteousy of Creative Commons

Pollution couture

Robin Molina November 1, 2017

Fashion is the world’s second largest pollutant. Practically every step in the production process, from cotton farming to laundering leaves a carbon footprint on the environment. There is no denying...

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