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Meet UTSA’s Quidditch Family

Meet UTSA's Quidditch Family

March 13, 2020

Watch the beautiful chaos of real-life Quidditch from UTSA's club tournament on April 29. Players tell us how close they feel with their teammates, and the sport is surprisingly intense for those who haven't seen it before. The game combines rugby, basketball, dodgeball and the magical world of Harry Potter.

UTSA Club Quidditch Loses to Baylor in Consolation Cup Final to end season

Photo by  Shelby Rose, The Paisano

Shelby Rose

April 6, 2016

Expectations were high as UTSA Club Quidditch (25-11-14) traveled to San Marcos this weekend to compete in the Division II Nationals held at Texas State. The tournament is also known as the Consolation Cup as it is comprised of 27 teams who failed to qualify for the 60-team Division I Nationals, which wil...

Wingardium Leviosa: quidditch takes on new heights

April 9, 2013

Will Tallent / The Paisano On a windy, cloudless Sunday, a group of UTSA students attached six large hula-hoops to PVC pipes on each side of a grassy field. The hoops of these tall structures are their goals for today’s quidditch practice. Roadrunner Quidditch is a team of energet...