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Big Sis Advice: Respect People’s Pronouns. Period.

Kimiya Factory October 9, 2019

Big Sis Advice: Respect People’s Pronouns. Period. Arts & Life Before I begin, I want to make clear that I am not speaking on behalf of an entire marginalized population or anyone’s identity...

Joe Biden’s inability to hold himself accountable

Josh Peck April 9, 2019

Recently, Joe Biden faced accusations from two women who claimed that he touched them inappropriately. The first was from Lucy Flores, a candidate for lieutenant governor of Nevada in 2014. She wrote an...

Respect is a two way street

Respect is a two way street

Editorial Board and Jose Chapa March 6, 2019

We need to have a conversation about classroom etiquette. First, we need more clarity to the extent teachers can enforce specific classroom rules. We also need to address the expectations of students,...

Photos courtesy of Ethan Pham/The Paisano


Ethan Pham March 30, 2018

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. PLUR is the four letter acronym that nearly everyone in the rave community knows by heart. PLUR is a term that transcends the dance floors and bass-ridden spaces of the...

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