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Dear AJ: How can I love myself and my body?

Photo Credit: Andrew Salinas/@AK_4hoto7

Alejandro Lopez

March 6, 2019

Hello loyal and fellow readers. I hope you are preparing for your week long vacation (Spring Break) or if you work, it’ll just be a normal week, sorry! With Spring Break comes: intoxicated college and sometimes high school students, partying on the beach (weather permitting) and plenty of people showing...

UTSA student celebrates ‘Love Your Natural Self’

Taiwo Adepoju

February 15, 2017

“I felt like I would never be looked at as beautiful again. I couldn’t look at the mirror at myself. I didn’t feel beautiful and I didn’t feel confident,” said Sanah Jivani, a sophomore communication and sociology major at UTSA. This is how Jivani felt when she lost her hair to a condition called ...