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Selling sex: should prostitution be legalized?

Jose Chapa

March 6, 2019

Let’s legalize prostitution. Some people would ask “why?” but a better question would be “why not?” Laws are in place to protect us, and prohibiting prostitution does no such thing; it merely limits our personal freedoms. By legalizing prostitution, the government would be able to tax and regu...

Getting intimate with Eden Collins

Jessica Just

Katrina Clements

November 30, 2018

In her studio at the Sculpture and Ceramics Graduate Studio building, Eden Collins sits at her desk which is covered in molds of butt plugs and vibrators for a series in progress. Her studio, filled with works from her recent exhibit, current projects and yards of colorful furry fabrics, reflect how f...

Sex, Love & Hip-Hop

Sex, Love & Hip-Hop

Jade Cuevas

April 18, 2016

Think of the last party you went to. Perhaps it was a casual kickback with friends (and friends of friends). Or maybe it was littered with people you had never met. Drake’s “Hotline Bling” or Travis Scott’s “Antidote”, prompting party patrons to smile and “dab” as they continued to dance...

Countless sex offenses likely going unreported

April 14, 2015

Marcus Connolly, The Paisano Despite being one of the largest universities in the state, a disproportionately small number of forcible sexual offenses are committed each year. UTSA’s 2014 Annual Security Report only recorded a total of seven forcible sex offenses for on-campus and non-ca...