The Paisano

Wheels provide students speed, fun

Anthony Suniga, The Paisano

Anthony Suniga

March 22, 2016

  There are many reasons why rolling to and around campus is popular. So popular, that at times it seems there is a bike, longboard, scooter or skateboard every few feet. Freshman engineering major Justin Fonseca rides his bike to and from school, despite owning his own vehicle. “One of the reasons was definitely to...

Skateboards, yes; hoverboards, no

Lyanne Rodriguez

March 22, 2016

UTSA’s policy on skateboards aims to promote the overall safety of students by preventing accidents on campus. Although skateboarders can collide with pedestrians and cars on campus, such incidents have been isolated, according to UTSA PD. UTSA’s policy states that skateboards are prohibited on...