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R. Kelly

Mute R. Kelly

Adrianne Kristianto January 16, 2019

The person responsible for paving the path of the R&B world is now one of the most abhorred people just days after we welcomed 2019. Born Robert Sylvester Kelly, the R&B superstar had successfully...

Chase Otero/The Paisano

Music needs our help

Noel Montenegro October 4, 2017

When words fail to describe the inexplicable, it is artistic expressions such as music that give insight into the deep and enigmatic aspects of being human. Music not only helps us understand other people,...

Streaming: Spotify or Tidal

Ricardo Rodriguez March 12, 2016

When Jay-Z first launched TIDAL, it was advertised as an enhanced music experience and better alternative to other streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music. But charging $10 per month for music...

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