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Midterms: how to fix them

Donald Escamilla Jr.

March 6, 2019

When other students or my professors ask me how I feel about midterms, I have always believed that they can be very helpful for students here, but the process could use some repair. Spring midterms represent the halfway point...

Spring got me sprung

Spring got me sprung

January 22, 2019

UTSA’s offense stands out at Spring Game

April 21, 2015

Marcus Connolly, The Paisano The UTSA football team held their annual Fiesta Spring Game on Saturday, April 18. The scrimmage placed the offense, wearing white, against the defense in blue. The white team p...

UTSA has final open spring Practice Bogenschutz, Robinson fighting for starting role

April 14, 2015

Marcus Connolly, The Paisano On Saturday, April 11, UTSA football had their final open practice before Saturday’s highly anticipated Fiesta Spring Game at the Alamodome. A lot of attention throughout the spring ...

UTSA football has first open scrimmage

March 31, 2015

Marcus Connolly, The Paisano On Saturday, March 28, the UTSA football team held their first open practice and scrimmage. A crowd of over 500 parents, fellow students and media gathered to watch the event, w...

5 DO’s & Don’ts for this spring

March 30, 2015

1. Do: Try adding flowers to your hair for a fun spring look Don’t: Wear a flower crown. Leave those in the past/never should have been 2. Do: Wear cut off shorts/High waisted shorts Don’t: Have your derr...