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Pelosi rips America a new one

Pelosi rips America a new one

Alex Hanks, Opinion Editor February 11, 2020

The spectacle surrounding Nancy Pelosi’s “prolific” tearing of Donald Trump’s State of the Union address was nothing short of daunting. The ability media conglomerates have to shift the focus from...

Something is rotten in the state of the union

Something is rotten in the state of the union

Rudy Sanchez February 13, 2019

In his second State of the Union Address, President Donald Trump claimed his agenda was neither Republican nor Democratic; instead, it was “the agenda of the American people.” Trump’s unifying tone...

Trump's State of the Union address. Creative Commons

State of the (dis)union

Rudy Sanchez February 7, 2018

Fact checkers across the country were prepping their fingers as President Trump took the podium during his first State of the Union Address on Tuesday. With that said, it’s hard to say if President Trump’s...

President calls for minimum wage increase

February 26, 2013

Courtesy of Will Tallent / The Paisano In his State of the Union Address on Feb. 12, President Obama called upon lawmakers to raise the current federal minimum wage.The president said...

Obama sets second term agenda in State of the Union address

February 20, 2013

On Feb. 12, President Obama gave his fifth State of theUnion speech to a joint session of Congress. The president largely focused ondomestic issues, but also addressed foreign policy in the annual address.Among...

Perry Outlines Goals for Legislature

February 12, 2013

On Jan. 8, the Texas Legislature began their 83rd session in Austin, Texas.The 140-day session, which meets every two years, is the only opportunity for budgetary and legislative matters to be passed...

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