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Breaking bad…stereotypes

Graphic by Amber Chin/The Paisano

Editorial Board and Kenyatta Battle

August 30, 2018

Six-foot-five, 220-pound African American college student on a scholarship. Sound like the description of a student athlete? Maybe.  An athlete who is in college only because he can bounce a ball? Maybe not. What about the student struggling with his academics? Is he going to graduate? Maybe. Is h...

Stereotyping and how it affects college students

Stereotyping and how it affects college students

Brent Davis

August 21, 2018

Chris Rock once made a joke in his stand-up comedy about 20 years ago, where he stated that, “If you are black you will get more respect in the “hood” coming out of prison, than coming out of college.” Mr. Rock was saying that since African Americans were in the lower rank of society, higher...

Black History Month: Week One

Black History Month: Week One

Kimiya Factory

February 7, 2018

I am   here to change the narrative of a culture. To feed the cultural soul of the eyes that race along this black history column. Welcome to our story. the person with skin kissed by brown descent. a silent stroke among others on a canvas embodying minority, who always have to prove ou...