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I didn’t graduate in four years… and that’s okay

I didn’t graduate in four years... and that’s okay

Ashlee Morales

December 15, 2016

We begin college aiming for the ever-elusive four-year graduation. We get our degree plans all mapped out and start working towards a degree and, ultimately, our  future. It’s supposed to only take four years, right? From the time we’re capable of riding the elementary school bus alone, we’r...

Got student debt? you’re not a-loan

Got student debt? you’re not a-loan

Justice Lovin

April 5, 2016

Debt is evil, and worse than that is usury, the charging of interest on a debt. The practice is condemned by all three Abrahamic religions. The Quran says that unrepentant usurers will be eternally punished (Al-Baqarah 2: 275-27), in the Torah it is forbidden to charge interest to the poor (Exodus 2...