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Anita Finger, The Bathtub Drag Queen

UTSA graduate student Eden Collins presents her MFA thesis: Sometimes I Play With Myself

Katrina Clements November 7, 2018

The way we present ourselves to the world is completely our choice, and to appear calm, collected and professional is what many strive to be perceived as on their route to success. But what about the traits...

Students play video games in The Roost, which feature over 50 different videos games to play from.
Photo courtesy of UTSA Student Union

Get UTSA rec-ked

Andy Borunda June 9, 2018

A guide to some of what UTSA has to offer For many first-time college students, or students transferring from a different institution, spending time on campus can seem like a chore. It’s a common misconception...

Courtesy of John McFadden

Manifestations from the black mirror

Devin De Leon January 31, 2018

John McFadden presents the art that lives in social media.   By combining his personal social media timeline, cell phone photography and online advertising amongst other sources, John Mcfadden...

Did you know?

Samantha Ceballos June 8, 2017

Mascot Mayhem Rowdy has been UTSA’s mascot since 1977, but he almost wasn’t a roadrunner. The choices for the 1977 vote were an armadillo or a star. The student vote was voided by the Student Representative...

“The News” by Ken Little. Enrique Bonilla, The Paisano

Terminal 136 displays installations by UTSA art faculty

Enrique Bonilla April 11, 2017

Each first Thursday of the month, art walks are held in the King Williams Cultural Arts Districts. On April 6 the arts department hosted their opening reception for “Faculty Selects” at Terminal 136...

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