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Study explores the effects of religion on child development

John Bartkowski, lead researcher, in his study.

Julia Maenius

February 26, 2019

John Bartkowski, a UTSA professor of sociology, conducted a study on the effects of religion on the development of young children. “I study cultural influences on personal and community well-being, including religion, life course development and health as well as faith-based organizations efforts...

Researchers study stress-induced plants

Students study a defense mechanism in plants.

Ryan Houston-Dial

February 26, 2019

Jurgen Engelberth, associate professor in the department of biology and several undergraduate students studied the effect of stress in plants. Undergraduate students studied plants at different developmental stages and interpreted the data and drew conclusions. According to Engelberth ‘green leaf...

Grant goes toward autism research

baby feet

Kaylee Boggan

October 2, 2018

UTSA, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio and the Autism Treatment Center (ATC), received a two-year $1,251,063 grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for research on infant and toddler autism treatment. Assistant professor of educational psychology Amarie Carnett, Ph.D., Board...

Waterway Contamination

Flooding from Hurricane Harvey. 
Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Kimiya Factory

August 30, 2018

Research on effects of Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath is still present nearly a year later, research for UTSA’s department of civil and environmental engineering has discovered bacteria contaminating major waterways. UTSA assistant professor, Vikram Kapoor, validated that fecal bacteri...