The Paisano

Rape culture: a cycle of fear

Tristan Ipock, The Paisano

Jessica Salinas

March 28, 2017

As a 23-year-old woman of color and of small stature, I live in constant fear and paranoia. I never consciously place myself into situations where I can be taken advantage of by people, men especially. Recently, I got into a heated argument with my mother and elder sister about the potential danger of g...

Sexual assault: not exclusively a “women’s issue”

Brady T. Phelps

January 12, 2017

On Thursday, Jan. 5, Vice President Joe Biden issued a call-to-action to college and university presidents regarding sexual assault on campus, which he called, “the human rights issue of our time.” A 2016 Department of Justice report showed that one in five women was assaulted at some point during ...