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Our thirst for bottled water

Water bottles

Robert Gibbions’

November 29, 2018

We don’t know how Dr. Robert Gibbons, M.D., survived past 20-years-old. Gibbons stated that while he was in college, he never carried a water bottle to class. He noticed that many of us had plastic water bottles and questioned why we brought them to class. Students said bottled water is cleaner, t...

Hydration stations alleviate environment and fees

Lyanne Rodriguez

Katelyn Wilkinson

April 30, 2016

Students have been reporting an unusual taste in the hydration station water that could be caused by hard water from the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers, according to UTSA Facilities. Financed by the Green Fund, an organization dedicated to making the campus more sustainable and supported by a $5  fee...