Master of None


Raquel E. Alonzo

The series starts off with some dude banging some chick. Without warning, the condom breaks and now the two are both “googling” if pre-ejaculate contains sperm. Just to be safe, they take an Uber to the store and pick up Plan B, the morning after pill. An awkward night ends with an awkward goodbye. Thus begins the hilarious new-age comedy series “Master of None.”
I’ll admit, I was hesitant when I first started watching this series. Netflix was supposed to be this television service that shows…well, other shows. I didn’t expect Netflix to make and produce their own films and shows. But I have to say, “Master of None” is one of the best shows I’ve seen on Netflix.
Producer and actor, Aziz Ansari, who plays Dev in this series, covers subjects such as having kids (or not having them because they are awful), racial issues dealing with Indians on TV, living with a significant other, and dealing with old people.
One of my favorite episodes is, “Parents” had me laughing agreeing with what Aziz/Dev, was saying. There are two dads that come from different worlds who sacrificed everything for their kids, and the kids treat the dads like crap. Their kids don’t appreciate their parents for everything they endured in order to come to America and ultimately give their children better lives. It helped me understand my own parents better and why they refused to speak or teach me Spanish just so I could fit in with my classmates. A main joke in the episode was that their parents were never proud of them but in reality, their parents just wanted their kids to have unlimited success.masters_of_none2
Eventually the kids come up with an idea to do something for their parents in celebration for everything they have done. And I thought that was very sweet.
Even though there is a lesson to go along with each episode, they aren’t too serious and are filled with humor.
You know how most comedy shows need the “laugh track” in the background in order to cue laughter at home? “Master of None” doesn’t need that.
Aziz Ansari also stared in “Parks and Recreation” with Amy Poehler. “Parks and Rec” was one of those shows that didn’t need added laughter because the jokes were enough to make people laugh at home, just like the series “Master of None.” In my opinion, Aziz definitely learned a thing or two from Amy as far as learning how to create a good script for a comedy series.
On Netflix, “Master of None” has almost a perfect rating of 5 stars. After reading a handful of reviews on Netflix for this series, I have found that most of the people who gave a perfect rating were younger people who understand first world problems. On the other hand, those who gave one star ratings were older folks who found Aziz annoying, tiring and boring. For the most part, “Master of None” has done exceptionally well for Netflix and has been awarded the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Series.
Don’t take my word for it, watch those 10 episodes! Already watched them and you’re still grieving the fact that it’s over? Season two is rumored to launch…in 2017 *sad face*.
Happy binge-watching!