Spring break is blue on the island

Gaige Davila

I spent my nine interim days of spring break freedom sick and bedridden at home, on South Padre Island, Texas.
Being a local from the area, I have enjoyed my fair share of spring break debauchery and was indifferent to the wild times I was reportedly missing out on.
Don’t get me wrong, the Island is a paradise. The carefree “living-the-dream” lifestyle resonates with locals and tourists alike, where responsibilities are always cast away to the next day.
There is a disparity among the people who are attracted to South Padre culture, people who execute their new found lack of responsibility very differently: there are those who partake in the laid back “toes in the sand” culture, or those who let loose without regard for others.
It’s why I moved away in the first place: there’s only so many “spring breaks” you can endure.
The supposed lawlessness of South Padre Island must be taken with a grain of salt, where I urge those returning to UTSA to remember that spring break is just that: a break.
Welcome back, ‘Runners.