Vietnam Vet speaks on fresh ideas for Congress


    Congressional candidate and Vietnam veteran Rick Bolanos visited the university last week, speaking on the selfless events he had witnessed in Vietnam, as well as on health care, education, economic recovery, immigration, and a range of other political matters.

    Sponsored by the College Democrats, the event took place Feb. 1 in the University Center (UC).

    Bolanos is running head-to-head against Republican incumbent Henry Bonilla for the 23rd Congressional District US House seat.

    ”The outlook of this election looks good, and the College Democrats support him because he’s good,” James Gill, College Democrats president, said.

    Vice president Dante Small explained reasons for the groups support.

    ”Bolanos is really concerned with the grassroots organizations and wants to push fresh ideas into Congress,” Small said.

    Upon election to the House of Representatives, Bolanos pledges to reform the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) by increased funding and by placing more control in the hands of the state and local communities.

    His immigration and border control plans include improving technology and law enforcement.

    Bolanos fought in Vietnam alongside his three brothers.

    The Bolanos brothers created the Band of Brothers, an organization supporting veteran Democratic congressional candidates.

    According to the Band of Brothers website, Bolanos and his brothers were the only four brothers to ever serve in combat together at the same time.

    The Band of Brothers supported John Kerry by touring with him during his campaign.

    Bolanos also created the St. Nicholas Youth Ministry, not only to instill values in children, but to also teach them hands-on computer skills, preparing them for their future.

    According to Bolanos, his patriotism stems from his father, who came to the US from Mexico in search of a better life.

    Bolanos has “fallen in love with America” and wants every citizen to do the same.

    ”A crisis of corruption in America is tearing apart the fabric of our Democracy,” Bolanos said.

    ”It’s time to stop voting Democrat or Republican and start voting America.”