A tribute to Prince and his reign

A tribute to Prince and his reign

Gaige Davila

The term “musician” is thrown around pretty loosely today. But if one individual could be branded with the term, it’d be Prince Rogers Nelson. Or just simply, Prince.

The multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, all-around virtuoso’s career came to an abrupt end this past Thursday, passing away at the age of 57. I mean “abruptly” quite literally: Prince had been on tour and performing just days before his death.

Prince, whose flamboyant, basketball-playing character was immortalized in pop-culture through The Chappelle Show, was much more than who Dave Chappelle satirized.

Prince’s career encompassed a nearly forty year discography that dissected, blended and perfected R&B, rock n’ roll and funk into an unmistakably unique sound. His influence bled into the lives of peers, fans, actors and artists alike.

Condolences from said peers spoke of his shy, complicated demeanor. Reclusive personality aside, Prince would erupt on stage. With a wide vocal range, various instrumental capabilities and a stage presence that demanded attention, Prince was a force of musical prowess.

Unfortunately, Prince’s discography is almost non-existent online due to heavy copyright restrictions.

Physical copies of his albums are worth the buy, and are nearly the only way of listening to his work. If the opportunity arises, acquire immediately: something tells me they’ll be a scarce commodity soon.

So next time San Antonio experiences another torrential downpour, listen to a Prince album in full. Any album. Don’t question the sudden tint of purple that you see within the droplets that violently pelt your window. Let it pour. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Prince.