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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Prove it: It has been proven

Oscar Gonzalez

Here it is. My last column as an editor for The Paisano. When trying to figure out what my last hurrah should be, my friends and I stumbled on the one thing that we’re going to miss most: the little nuances we encountered during our tenure at UTSA. Here’s a list of day-to-day things we’re going to miss when we’re out in “The Real World.”

Moments at Chaparral:


  • Using someone else’s ID to get a free meal at the Roadrunner Café.
  • The odd-colored and ridiculously small couches and beds in Chaparral dorms.
  • Awkwardly waiting outside the Chap gates for someone to open it because you didn’t have your ID.




  • The swivel chairs that made getting out of your chair oh-so-awkward because your legs always grazed the person next to you.
  • Updating your Facebook statuses during class to “Gah…I’m sitting in class and I’m so bored.”
  • Professor evaluation surveys (never before have I bubbled in the number five 30 consecutive times in my life).
  • Texting from our lap thinking our professors wouldn’t notice.



  • Certain spots in the library where students fooled around…you know who and what I’m talking about.

Business Building:


  • Using the restroom on the first floor of the Business Building as fast as possible before anyone else came in to disturb.
  • Putting our water bottles on the left side holder of our backpacks so that the administrators in the Business Building computer lab wouldn’t see it.
  • The lady who used to work in the Business Building café who always called us mijo or mija…whatever happened to her?
  • In between the HSS and Business Building where all the smokers assemble to pollute the campus.



  • The Rec Center that some of us never used but paid $120 a semester for.

Walking around campus:


  • Student organizations that yelled at us as we walked by their stand.
  • Feeling guilty because we didn’t donate to the sorority who was raising money for children suffering from cancer.
  • The arrows on the ground that read ‘Donate blood this way,’ (I always got lost).

UTSA Online:

  • Forgetting to do online quizzes on WebCT.
  • The multiple log-in names for MyUTSA, ASAP, WebCT, Blackboard, Air Rowdy and the computer lab.


  • Checking people out as they walked by thinking they couldn’t see us because we had our shades on.
  • Dodging the water droplets from the ceiling of the Sombrilla every time we tried walking through the JPL cafeteria doors.


  • Buying a Par Score when we should have bought a Scantron.
  • Spending $500 on used schoolbooks and only getting $50 when we sold them back.
  • The Filipino dance crew always poppin’-n-lockin’ no matter where they were.
  • The red pepper next to the professor’s name on (That things lies).
  • All the cool kids who played Super Smash Brothers outside the bookstore.
  • Not really knowing what the MS Building was for.
  • The one thing that I personally will miss, The Paisano. It’s like when the music group Dru Hill split up and the lead singer Sisqo went solo; without The Paisano I’m just a one-hit wonder, like “Thong Song.”

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