Get to know San Antonio: Sweet Peach Collective


Zucchini Kill Bakery’s vagina cupcakes were a smash hit at the Peach Street Collective showcase. Raquel E. Alonzo, The Paisano

Raquel E. Alonzo

Paintings, stitching, metal work, photographs, digital media, sketches, live music and food are all part of the action at Sweet Peach Collective. All of the art was produced and showcased by female artists and don’t be fooled by the title — the art was far from sweet. Most of the art showcased was on the “rebellious” side, showing female nudity (often in racy moments caught on camera) and embracing femininity through different forms of art.

Founded by Amanda Bartlett at the age of 19, the first show went live on Feb. 8, 2014. Bartlett, born and raised in San Antonio, graduated from Texas State University with an MFA in metals and jewelry. She also studied communications design and art history in Florence, Italy at the CAPA School.

Since the opening of the show, the artist list has expanded and so has the fan base. So many people attended the event, people started to hang out and chill outside. $5 donations were requested at the door and part of those proceeds went to the Battered Women’s Shelter. In the beginning, Sweet Peach started off with only 13 artists and now has over 40; the collective is expanding rapidly with each showing.

Artists such as Melanie Rangel, Connie Chapa, Riley King, Nadelle Devries, Haleigh Holt and, of course, Amanda Bartlett all showed their radical artwork for the public to see.

The collective showcased 40 artists from all around Texas and the US. The show was held at the K23 gallery on 704 Fredericksburg Rd. from 7-11:30 p.m. Trash-can punch was served all night at no cost, and food was available outside as well.

The delicious food was made by Mama Tierra—a vegan food truck that has been resurrected to bless San Antonians once again with its seemingly endless list of vegan food—and Zucchini Kill Bakery, which introduced its anatomically correct vagina cupcakes at its last catering to the Sweet Peach Collective. The cupcakes made a reappearance at the showcase on Saturday.

Music was performed by Silencia!; Polly Anna, a singer-songwriter with indie and pop tendencies who sings with a sensual, radiant voice; and Topo Chica, who intertwines pop music with a garage-band feel. With these artists filling the night with their incredible music, the party never seemed to stop.

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