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The Paisano

College of Business offers business cards to its students

Ethan Pham, The Paisano

The College of Business is offering a service that allows UTSA students to print professional business cardsbut it’s only available for business majors.

This printing service has been running for a little over three years, according to Mr. Julio Ramos, the director of student services for the college of business. The idea for this service, as described by Ramos, actually stemmed from student demand.

“Students would occasionally come in,” said Ramos, “and say, ‘Do y’all have business cards, or do y’all have any suggestions of where I should go for business cards?’”

So instead of sending them to a third-party vendor, the department brainstormed and came up with the idea to offer the printing service themselves.

The college of business provides this service through the same off-campus printer that prints most of the business cards for the university staff. The cards ordered by students have the same style, format and even logo as cards endorsed by the university.

The purpose of the cards is to give students an opportunity to set themselves apart with a more “professional approach,” explained Ramos. “When you go to events, when you go to a career fair, when you simply want to give out your contact information to anybody.” Having personalized business cards helps create a distinct identity in employers’ minds.

The printing service has two restrictions: a fixed number of cards (250 cards at 10 cents per card), and the service is only available to students with business majors.

“Our center works exclusively with business students,” explained Ramos, “our mission is to provide services to business students.”

Everything comes down to budget, as Ramos later clarified. “We don’t anticipate being able to fill orders beyond business students. Resource-wise, we just wouldn’t have the ability to manage that.”

Mr. Ramos does encourage non-business major students interested in business cards to use other printing services.

“If they’re not a business student, the option would be to simply go with an outside vendor and just try to create a design that looks professional.” So for now, the business card printing service is restricted to business students at UTSA. “If other colleges wanted to provide this service,” concluded Ramos, “obviously that’s up to them.”

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