Keeping postitive thoughts through your workout routine


Graphic by Tristan Ipock

Abby Sharp

Living a healthy lifestyle is working out each day, eating nutritious food and seeing results. But to achieve each of these aspects of fitness, you must first start with your mentality.

A healthy lifestyle is about positivity and having a proactive mindset.

Positivity grows where you plant it. Encourage yourself throughout the day and not just during your workout. As soon as you think about it, tell yourself how excited you are to work out after class or work.

The more hyped you are before your workout, the better it will be. Positive reminders will help maintain that motivation. Tell yourself, “I want to get to this goal, and now I’m one day closer.”

Finding a mantra or phrase that reminds you why you’re working hard will prevent you from slacking off. No days off.

At some point in your routine, you’re bound to feel like you want to take a day off or even give up. Don’t. Your mentality is what’s going to get you out of whatever slump you may fall into.

If you let the negativity overcome you, you won’t be able to pull out of it. You’d have to start all over at some point, so why not avoid that obstacle and keep up the progress?

Keeping a positive mindset can take some time, but the more you practice positive thinking, the more natural it’ll become.

When challenges arise, there is an inclination to think negatively, but that’s when you need to recall the reasons why you want to be healthy and fit.

With every healthful meal and workout, you are making progress. We don’t give ourselves this reminder enough.

As long as you’re taking steps towards your goal, you are making progress. Stay positive as you take these steps, and you will begin to see more progress.

The physical pursuit of fitness can’t begin without the right mental attitude. If you are struggling, the best way to help yourself is to be your own number-one fan.

Encouraging words will get you where you need to be–whether that means toning down, bulking up or anything in between.

Your habits are driven by your mindset, so stay inspired and don’t forget your goals.