DC’s Heroes VS Aliens


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Jesus Nieves

In the last few years, comic book and pop culture fans have been given television and movies based on the DC universe. While the movies have been met with mixed emotions, the televised DC universe has been thriving.

With the hit show Smallville starting the hero movement on the television network The CW, more shows from this genre have been inspired. The show that started this universe and separation from the DC cinematic universe was Arrow. Starring Stephen Amell, Arrow has shown fans and viewers that a show with action stunts can be done. Arrow has opened the path for other shows such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.

Unlike Arrow, The Flash brings a humor and sci-fi action feel which keeps a unique balance of action and comedy when the Green Arrow and The Flash have crossover events. These shows have stood on their own merits and have tackled important social issues or interesting events occurring within our society.

Courtesy of Creative Commons
Courtesy of Creative Commons

Supergirl has begun to draw viewers with its positive outlook on female empowerment and have recently tackled the struggle and courage of a character coming to terms with their sexual orientation. The show has amazing special effects with a few interesting plots but can make a statement on its own.

The next big crossover event will unite characters from Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. The crossover will feature all of the characters from DC’s televised roster team-up to save the world from a race of aliens bent of controlling the planet. This will be the biggest ensemble of heroes on a television show. The creators of these shows want to give fans an exciting experience and show them that heroes are meant be fun.

The cinematic universe is going for a serious and dark-realistic tone but changes are starting to be made after harsh critiques of Batman v Superman. In contrast, the televised DC Universe continue to captivate us with their unique story telling and it’s dynamic characters.