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The Paisano

Jandro’s bar open for business

Patrick Martinez, The Paisano

The newest bar on the strip at 2623 N. St. Mary’s St. is opening its doors for the first time in 10 years on Monday, Nov. 28. Formerly known as the Crazy Horse Saloon, the new Jandro’s celebrates bands and artists around San Antonio. With a stage, an outdoor patio and an area dedicated to local artists who want to sell their pieces, Jandro’s keeps up with the modern and  brings the history of the bar back to the strip.  

“I’ve always passed 2623 on the strip, and I always thought that if I had won the lottery or if I had an opportunity, I would definitely take this building,” explained bar owner Alex “Jandro” Perez. “I knew I was meant to do this, and I got the building that I always dreamed about.”

As soon as you walk in, it’s almost like a club atmosphere, with dim neon lights. To the left is seating for congregated people ready to unwind and have some fun. To the right is the same thing but with local artists’ artwork for sale. Any local artist can have his or her art on the wall for free with the artist keeping 100 percent of their profits at the end of the day.  

In the middle of Jandro’s is more seating, and to the middle-left is the lighted bar with much history to tell.

“I was so passionate about it; I couldn’t make this into this corporate culture/new design and make it selfish,” Perez stated. “I decided to dissect this building, and I found a lot of natural light and old fixtures, and it also told me what my concept was — being green. When I got that, I decided to go with it because of all the natural light, it reminded me of a green house. I love nature very much, so it all comes together with my soul, and I went with a positive feeling and peace.”  

The idea of being green shows in the bar, as most of the tables and seating is handmade and stained from tree stumps in a beautiful glimmer to make the untrained eye look in awe.

To the back are the bathrooms and also the stage for bands to play.

Supposedly, the Ramones played here,” Perez said. “There was a lady that walked up to us and said, ‘I f***ing saw the Ramones play there!’ I kept everything original to keep the history with the strip.”

The outside porch is enclosed and has another building in the back that Perez wants to do his cooking. He plans to include a food menu in the near future.

“It’s going to be called ‘Jandro’s Premium House,’” Perez said. That will come with time.

“I love the strip,” said Jandro. “This is where I spend my money. I’d rather listen to live music than electronic. Jandro’s is something that’s going be new on the strip because of the soul I’m bringing. It’s going to be original and definitely be green — to recycle glasses, plates and seating. One thing I wanted to do is push my soul out; that’s why I named it ‘Jandro’s’ because this is everything I got.”

So come on down to the newest bar at 2623 N. St. Mary’s St.

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