The Paisano

Jandro’s bar open for business

Patrick Martinez, The Paisano

Patrick Martinez

November 30, 2016

The newest bar on the strip at 2623 N. St. Mary’s St. is opening its doors for the first time in 10 years on Monday, Nov. 28. Formerly known as the Crazy Horse Saloon, the new Jandro’s celebrates bands and artists around San Antonio. With a stage, an outdoor patio and an area dedicated to local ...

Get to know San Antonio: Bars

Get to know San Antonio: Bars

Raquel E. Alonzo

October 5, 2016

As a girl who likes to chill out and take it easy, I find myself hanging out at a few bars around San Antonio that share the same vibe as I do. But only two bars have a place in my heart. My first go-to bar on the list is Slacker’s. It’s a sports bar — but with an arcade. The Northstar locati...