College Expecations

Ethan Pham

College is a sanctuary for learning, both academically and personally. When we arrive on campus as freshmen, we have expectations of how our college experiences will go. We envision our hopes for the future and what we want to happen over the course of our college careers.

After countless steps across campus and (for many students) changing our majors a few times, we realize that our time at UTSA reveals more of what the future holds. We more clearly see what we want in life and the direction we want to take.

Our expectations change, and reality begins to set in. Change is by no means bad. College allows us to mature, and many graduating students can see the changes in themselves.

Continue to grow in your life after college. College teaches us to teach ourselves, to figure things out on our own and learn about who we are.

When we grab that diploma, we will, once again, have expectations of the future, and just as they did in college, our plans will change. We will grow, we will learn as we move forward.

Our future will have its obstacles, but if we stay on the paths we pave for ourselves, our future will continue to be bright. Allow your journey to be flexible. Know that expectations for the future don’t always become reality, which is okay because that is a part of the journey of life. Overcoming obstacles is what college taught us to do!