Rowdy hoop troupe hula hoops way to fitness and fun


Members of the Rowdy Hoop Troupe gather around during practice for a quick photo. Photo courtesy of Jasmine Ayena

Taiwo Adepoju

As the music plays, they waist hoop, lasso (hooping over the head), weave (weaving the hoop from the left side to the right), and hoop their elbows and necks.

These are some of the moves members of Rowdy Hoop Troupe display whenever they hula-hoop on the lawn between the MS and the Sombrilla.

Rowdy Hoop Troupe is an organization created for beginner and expert hula-hoopers by UTSA alumni Taylor Lyons and Taylor Bird. Lyons and Bird wanted to stay active, do something fun together and get involved with the community by helping students live a healthy lifestyle.

“I joined because when I first saw them, I was like ‘this so different. This is what college is about, trying new things and everything’,” said Jasmine Ayena, a sophomore community health major and co-president of Rowdy Hoop Troupe.

Hula-hooping is a great way to relax, de-stress and get fit.

“There is a level of difficulty to it, but I mean, it’s not out of reach, too unattainable. You just have to practice a little bit,” said Jaliyah Bennett, sophomore biology major and co-president of Rowdy Hoop Troupe.

Rowdy Hoop Troupe is open to everyone. “All we do really is just hang out, play music, have fun and hula-hoop. You don’t have to be on any sort of level,” said Ayena.

Rowdy Hoop Troupe, for some people, has given them the chance to build new friendships, pick up new hobbies (such as acro yoga or hoop dance) and de-stress. For Ayena, being a member of this organization opened her mind to new activities and new music as well as making her a social person.

The goals of this organization for this semester are to be seen more on campus, to table, to collaborate with some of San Antonio’s famous hoopers and to expand their troupe.

If you are looking for a new hobby, a way to meet new people, or make your new year’s resolution of getting in shape a reality, join Rowdy Hoop Troupe. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@howdyhooptroupe) for more information and updates.