Extra Credit


Samantha Ceballos

Extra credit: the college equivalent of the hallelujah chorus. While I don’t feel professors should be required to give extra credit to students, I will never pass up the opportunity to boost my grade, especially if I’m not doing too hot in the course. Other students share the same sentiment towards extra credit.

Some professors are more than happy to help you out. Others flat out refuse to give themselves more work to grade, which is fair to them considering all of the work they already have. I stand in the middle.

As a hopeful (way in the) future professor, I would have to assess the situation and class attitude to determine if students earned the extra credit. It’s challenging to want to help those who have not put any effort into the class.

Another factor considered is participation. Professors give extra credit in hopes that students will go out and experience education beyond the classroom. Maybe in the process the student will have fun and gain a greater appreciation for the course, though not all extra credit opportunities provide the chance of expanding one’s horizons.

In all honesty, extra credit shouldn’t be mandatory or even expected. It puts people in the wrong mindset and lets them think they can get away with slacking off. Extra credit should be seen as a gift, not as an expectation.

There exist exceptions in which students need extra credit for whatever reason, but students cannot expect accommodations from a professor. As much as we want the world to go the way we planned, it is unlikely.

While students can go above and beyond traditional education methods to learn material, extra credit adds stress to both students and professors. Maybe students just need to listen to the beautiful extra credit chorus when it is played.