Student spotlight: Madison Chilton

Samuel De Leon

As the policy makers begin the 85th session of Texas Legislature, one Roadrunner is making moves as an intern for Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

Sophomore political science and English major Madison Chilton is an intern to Straus’ policy office.

Chilton fields work from the Texas State Capitol and works with various students from around the region through the Legislative Scholars program.

Knowing early on she wanted this internship, Chilton felt this could be the crucible necessary to decide if a career in law is right for her.

Described as a “fledgling full-time intern,” Chilton’s duties match most interns, but with some components strict to the title. One component is speaking with House Speaker Straus’ constituents.

Chilton advised students with similar aspirations to, “Be OK with uncertainty. Be OK with feeling afraid, or unprepared.

“Unless you plan to limit your life’s accomplishments to things that you have conquered up to the present moment, feeling unprepared should not be the reason you don’t go for something.”

She admits she was nervous before submitting her application. Being one of the youngest members in the office, Chilton did not know how she would fit in. She describes the transition to her first job as “bumpy,” and credits the patience of staff members to her current success in the policy office.

Although she identifies politically as a liberal, she admits to learning more about the political process through her current experience under a Republican Speaker of the House.

Chilton now believes, “Party labels should not be the vehicle through which we form our opinions, but instead an after-the-fact label.”

By the end of her internship, Chilton expects to have more experience and insight to how to continue her journey to becoming an attorney