Save on gas

This won’t be a how-to on how to save gas. Instead, these are some “tips” that turned out to be myths and don’t actually work.

1) Turn off the AC. Auto testing at Consumer Reports proves that running the AC uses such an insignificant amount more in gas, you may as well turn on the AC and be comfortable on a hot day.

2) Filling up when it’s cold outside. Get your gas in the evening or early morning when the fuel is cold. Gas is stored in cool underground tanks, so you can barely register a temperature difference. Get gas whenever.

3) Increasing tire pressure. If your tires are underinflated you will spend 3.75 percent more in fuel. Overinflated tires are just dangerous they reduce your grip on the road and can cause accidents.

4) Keeping the engine running. Wrong. Today’s fuel-injected cars are sufficient and don’t waste gas when you start them up.

5) Adding additives. Truth is additives are a complete waste of money according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Shocked? Instead of trying to find ways to improve fuel economy, try looking at the way you drive. If you avoid speeding, zipping between lanes, riding someone’s you-know-what and accelerating your engine so you quickly get up to speed you can improve your fuel efficiency by 33 percent! Driving sixty miles an hour on the highway will save you 25 percent in fuel efficiency.