Major pains

Major pains

Dominique Avila

College is a special time in your life when you discover who you are as a person, try to figure out what you’re going to do for the rest of your life and where you meet all sorts of interesting people. What type of college majors will you meet throughout your time on campus? Here are some people you’ll encounter and how their personalities correspond with their majors.


Bio majors are the ones with their lives figured out: they’re pre-med, going to nursing school or have some other sure-fire career in mind. They are planners. They have goals, whether big or small, and they always meet them. They are pretty cool people to hang with, but watch out. What you think is dinnertime might actually be lab-time for them. Bio majors know how to write up one bad-ass lab report (you know, just in case you have to take bio as a basic requirement), so hit them up if you cringe at the thought of the scientific method.


Though they might not know what a psychology degree will help them do for the rest of their lives, psych majors are a fascinating bunch. They lie on the divide between science and liberal arts; so it’s easy for them to make friends from either fields. They are the chameleons of all the majors. But be warned, they might be analyzing you and every decision you make as you’re hanging out with them. This analysis can be an advantage because they are the best people to spill your problems to. They understand how the psyche (you can have your very own personal therapist, though it’s not a good idea to go overboard about your problems with them). Know that if you encounter a psych major, they might ask you to participate in one of their studies (say yes, because it might mean free things).


Another strong personality you will come across are the English majors, ranging from the perfectionist scholar to the chaotic creative writer. Reading, analyzing and writing about literary works ends up creating an individual with strong thoughts on multiple subjects which can come off as pretentious. Don’t fret; they are just passionate about what they study (even if they must explain multiple times what they plan on doing with their lives). If you have trouble with a writing assignment or you just don’t understand a text, befriending an English major could prove beneficial.

Political Science

Poli-sci majors are vocal about what they think, ranging from movies, to social issues, to food. They are intense people who might start talking politics on the first date. Know that they are the go-getters of the world. If you have trouble expressing your ideas aloud, a poli-sci major is your go-to person for all your presentation needs. This opinionated group is one you might want to think about befriending, especially if you’re not one for class debates and don’t mind them taking charge. Take caution when on the receiving end of their arguments: they come prepared and take no chances.


If you’re wondering where your engineering friend is, they’re probably in the library studying for the fourth day (or eighth day) in a row. Coffee and energy drinks are an engineer’s best friend. They operate in their own world, so don’t give them hell if they haven’t hung out with you in awhile. Engineers will have claimed the huge tables in the library as their own with papers and books sprawled out. Don’t take it personally if they snap at you; they’re the one having to take classes the rest of us would cry thinking about. No matter how stressed-out they get, they will have the last laugh on the way to the bank.


If you happen to find yourself in a class with a communication major, get ready for a loud, bouncing-off-the-wall personality. Just like Newton’s first law, comm. majors will keep talking until someone stops them. Like poli-sci majors, comm. majors are vocal and don’t mind — and sometimes even prefer — to go first in a group presentation. Whether on social media or face-to-face, they like to be heard. And don’t get them started on the ‘communication vs communications’ debate; they will correct you if you don’t use the right one.


Business majors, or any other finance-related majors, are the big thinkers and motivators in the college world. They see the positives and are always looking for the next great idea. Though they seem cocky (very type A*) to the rest of us, business majors are just charismatic people who occasionally dress to impress. This bunch will play a big role in shaping the next generation’s financial future. So if you ever run into a business major, be ready for a strong personality.