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I’m an English major and I’m proud

Editing an English paper

Lauren Donecker

October 18, 2018

No, I do not want to be a teacher. No, it is not a blow off. And no, I will not write your paper for you.  Why does one major receive higher praise over another major? Why does one assume a STEM major is automatically successful, but an arts and humanities major is advised to not get their hopes up...

Choosing a Major? Think With Your Heart!

Choosing a Major? Think With Your Heart!

Rebecca Saenz

August 21, 2018

On a sunken cushion in the University Health Professions Office, I shifted with clammy hands, clonking knees and wandering eyes that scoured the room for a way out. Nurses make good money, I reassured myself. It’s time to pick a major. But, I didn’t want to be a nurse; I had no idea what I wanted...

Imagine that

Kenyatta Battle

January 10, 2018

As college students, we all want careers that will make us happy; however, many of us may never obtain that goal. One reason is life does not always go as planned. Another reason is most of us refuse to follow our hearts. This was my problem during the first few years of my college career. For the ...

Create your own path, don’t follow a path

Create your own path, don’t follow a path

Ethan Pham

May 10, 2017

Children are often asked, “What are you going to be when you grow up?” That question, while seemingly harmless, perpetuates the idea that, from a young age, we should have a definitive path set for ourselves. That same question eventually manifests itself into, “What are you going to do after c...

Major pains

Major pains

Dominique Avila

March 7, 2017

College is a special time in your life when you discover who you are as a person, try to figure out what you’re going to do for the rest of your life and where you meet all sorts of interesting people. What type of college majors will you meet throughout your time on campus? Here are some people ...