Power Rangers: a franchise revived

Jesus Nieves

For any child that grew up in the 90’s, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was an action packed kid’s show. This show was about five teenagers (with attitude) in a small California town chosen by Zordon to protect earth against evil. In true 90’s fashion, each Ranger was a different color and had control over a unique “Zord,” a giant robot in the form of a prehistoric animal. The martial arts and colorful episodes is what drew me as child to love this show.

The show increased in popularity when they added the green Power Ranger to the team. The green Ranger had a different costume design and was a very powerful threat to the Rangers. After being released from an evil spell the green Ranger joined the fight against evil.

Over the years, the Power Rangers changed their costumes, characters, and even setting in order to keep the show fresh along with catering to the children of that certain time. Growing up, I always enjoyed watching the Power Rangers fight colorful but silly villains and morph into their suits. Watching this show gave me positive memories growing up. Being in my twenties now, I still laugh when I see a Power Rangers episode being shown on TV.

The acting was not necessarily great and the special effects were very basic but the premise of ordinary teenagers becoming powerful superheroes is what attracted kids to the show. In recent years, I have had conversations with other fans of the show who fondly describe their favorite Ranger and why they watched the show.

Last year, was the first time anyone had heard discussions of a new Power Rangers movie in the works. This movie was supposed to be an updated version of the original Rangers just with a little more edge. I was surprised and glad the same property owners wanted to revive this franchise for a new generation along with attracting the original viewers. I was curious to see how the creators were going to handle making a new story without making too many changes.

After I saw the movie, I knew the Power Rangers were going to make a comeback. The new movie had made its own unique style without taking away the playfulness and positivity that made defined the original. This movie had more action and an edgier look, with updated special effects. Perhaps the best update were the suits that were sleeker and resembled armor more than spandex. The story is set for the new generation but this movie is meant for the 90’s kids. This movie will have you thinking about your childhood and where you were at the time.  This updated version has my approval and glad the Rangers have returned with a powerful punch. Check out the trailer.