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Paisano Peeps: Endgame

Paisano Peeps: Endgame

Jose Chapa and Leonardo Garcia April 23, 2019

  Host: Jose Chapa Editor: Leonardo Garcia Donald Escamilla

Paisano Peeps: the Oscars

Paisano Peeps: the Oscars

Garry Leday and Jose Chapa February 19, 2019

  Host: Jose Chapa Donald Escamilla Folasade Sabitu Alejandro Lopez Rolando Ramos Salman Abid Steven Moul Editor: Garry LeDay

Pax South 2018

paisano.online1 January 16, 2018

check out some of the recap from Pax South 2018. Photos courtesy of Brandon Armstead and Oscar Torres.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Videos-on-Demand vs. Movie Theaters

Jeremiah Hobbs April 12, 2017

In the 1990s, a group of filmmakers calling themselves Dogme 95 challenged film by shooting on video instead. Videotapes were cheaper than film and they could shoot more takes without wasting much money. In...

Oscars Commentary – Off the Reel

Kat Joseph April 10, 2017

Host- Richard and Bilal Multimedia Editor- Kat Joseph Videographers- Kat Joseph Video editors- Kat Joseph

Power Rangers: a franchise revived

Jesus Nieves April 4, 2017

For any child that grew up in the 90’s, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was an action packed kid’s show. This show was about five teenagers (with attitude) in a small California town chosen by Zordon...

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Jesus Nieves December 1, 2016

When I first heard the news that J.K Rowling was continuing the Harry Potter films I was very excited. The news left many to speculate whether these movies would be as good as the original stories and...

Remaking movies signals a deficit of originality

Remaking movies signals a deficit of originality

Kevin Prichard April 13, 2016

The old idiom “don’t fix what isn’t broken” readily comes to mind when considering the veritable deluge of recent movie remakes. My initial thoughts on the topic have been dismissive: “they’re...

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Aidan Watson-Morris and Elizabeth Davis March 12, 2016

March marks the start of Women’s History Month, a celebration of the figures who helped challenge—and those who continue to challenge—sexist institutions throughout history. Each of the following...

Netflix gems: Treasures worth digging for

February 11, 2015

Jakob Lopez/ The Paisano Helix, 2014 If you’re no longer freaked out by the 2014 Ebola outbreak, try watching Helix, a sci-fi thriller series released in early 2014. Centering...

Film Crawl: Best of 2014 (Part 1)

February 1, 2015

The Paisano New year. New Name. On Tap returns as Film Crawl, the biweekly podcast where Nate Archer and a guest talk about movies, life, and share a few pints of beer. This week,...

Column Corner: Movies

January 27, 2015

Like many directors, Clint Eastwood’s films carry a distinct style and feel. Even when stories are set in modern times, his movies always manage to feel like they’re taking place in the old west....

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