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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

    College Survival Tips

    College Survival Tips

    So you’ve been admitted to college. You’ve suffered through orientation and have registered for classes. Regardless of your year and classification, college is a learning process. You will learn so much about life and yourself throughout the next four to six years. Here is a condensed college survival guide.

    Be social & get involved.

    Join clubs and attend events. Get experience and expand professional relationships. Go to every career fair. Build relationships with recruiters. Get to know your professors. College is as much about networking as it is about learning.

    Find some stress relief.

    Find time to exercise. San Antonio offers beautiful running trails surrounding Main Campus.

    Many of the amenities the UTSA Rec Center offers are included in your tuition. The Rec offers over 50 classes a week in group exercise as well as multiple cardio and weight rooms. The Rec also offers free nutrition assessments by appointment.

    Use a calendar.

    Set a schedule. Plan out your week and include class time, study time and social time. Time management is important, especially if you have a job.


    Find a go-to place to study. Develop a study method that works for you. Make studying a regular activity.

    You will increase your caffeine intake in college, but don’t drink too much caffeine. Get energy by staying well hydrated, eating healthful foods and sleeping enough.


    Rent them. Especially if you won’t need the book once you’re done with a class. Buy textbooks online if you need to buy them at all—you’ll save a lot of money. Also, set aside time for personal reading. Gobble up books about philosophy, politics or just plain ol’ fiction.

    Use school-offered resources.

    The UTSA Writing Center offers assistance with writing assignments. The Center helps with brainstorming, establishing a thesis, achieving coherence and unity, and documenting and revising.

    The JPL Tutoring Services offers a variety of programs, including a tutoring program, math assistance program and individual tutoring.

    UTSA Libraries allow students to reserve books and request books from other universities and colleges. Students can also check out reserved textbooks.

    UTSA Counseling Services offers free individual, relationship and group counseling sessions.  Counseling services are pre-paid through tuition with the exception of a few in-depth assessment tests.


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