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Dear AJ: What I learned in boating school (UTSA) is….

Photo Credit: Andrew Salinas/@AK_4hoto7

Alejandro Lopez

April 23, 2019

Hello readers! Well, sadly *I’m literally typing this while I cry* this is going to be my last blog post...for the Paisano! I am still deciding whether or not to continue with Dear AJ, so please stay in tune. In the meantime, *turns on depressing music* this is it. My big bang, my last time to g...

College Survival Tips

College Survival Tips

Jessica Salinas

September 1, 2017

So you’ve been admitted to college. You’ve suffered through orientation and have registered for classes. Regardless of your year and classification, college is a learning process. You will learn so much about life and yourself throughout the next four to six years. Here is a condensed college survi...

San Antonio’s Unique Urban Identity: A Little Old & a Little New

Photo by: Oscar Moreno

Enrique Bonilla

August 29, 2017

Music Vibes AMEA: A voice with passion and direction, self-sufficient and diverse. UTSA grad and sociologist, AMEA delivers a unique take on r&b, soul and hip-hop. The Oklahoma native recently wrapped up a Texas tour with SaAm Lao and Van Solo, her first music video for her single, “VayCay,” an...