UTSA musicians make yourselves known

A hair-raising pitch causes hair follicles to stand as goose bumps spread from arms to legs.

An epic scene unfolds, as music majors practice in the art of the vocalization of sound.

I’m not sure of the piece they are playing. However, as I stand outside the music building after several hours of class I feel comfortable not worrying about titles or artists. Being a responsible college student, I swell with pride after a hard day’s work.

The magic takes place when the headphones are inserted. A guitar major begins to jam on the bench while waiting for the shuttle and a young female vocalist sings. It’s magic; pure unadulterated sensory stimulation.

UTSA musicians, you must know that I use you. The euphoric feeling your melodies bring help perfect my stride. My next stop is the top of the world or perhaps the bourgeois. This is a shout out to all the university students who craft live music at campus for any and all to hear, at least when the weather is good.

To those of us who are not musically inclined let’s see an accepting nod, a wave of the hand, a shimmying of sorts.

Let us try and feel what the musicians are feeling, or perhaps that’s what music is all about. Did the boom box era die? No! It just became more personal.

Walking in the HSS, I’ve never felt so close to the hip G next to me. Sure, our music tastes may differ but I can’t tell you the appreciation I had in that moment hearing Rick Ross.

 So bring your guitar, marimba, iPod or flute. Crank the Dubstep, Ramones and Pimp C. In my opinion, and that of a corny tee shirt out there somewhere, music is life, the rest is just details… Ya hear?!