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Bad moon rising

Confetti showers the crowd at last years Mala Luna. Photo courtesy of Greg Noir

ScoreMore Shows brings back Mala Luna festival to Nelson Wolff Stadium with a hella lit lineup.


When you think San Antonio, what are the first three things that pop into your head? For many, they are probably bootleg Selena merch, the Spurs and the River Walk.

Thanks to the people at ScoreMore Shows, San Antonio may soon become known for Mala Luna, a music festival specializing in hip-hop, rap and R&B.

Mala Luna has an impressive lineup considering this is only the second year it’s been in existence.

The festival also gives back to San Antonio. Mala Luna is set to donate a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales to Network for Young Artists (NYA).

NYA is a local non-profit organization that provides affordable classes in voice, guitar, percussion, keyboard and dance for children and young adults.

Last year, the festival donated $15,000. With headliners like Future, Migos, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Khalid and many more, there’s no doubt NYA will be receiving a large donation this year.

Kehlani gets up close and personal with the audience at last years Mala Luna. Greg Noir

Not only will there be hip-hop and dance artists, Mala Luna will also have EDM and R&B artists performing.

Additionally, Rayne and Isabella Rodriguez, two student artists from NYA will perform.

Mala Luna has grown considerably in its two years. Last year it was held at the Lone Star Brewery, but due to growth in both ticket sales and performers, it’s been moved to Nelson Wolff Stadium to allow for a second main stage to accommodate for the influx of performers.

Although San Antonio is highly underestimated in the music and marketing industries, San Antonio is expanding more than ever before.

Mala Luna was specifically created in San Antonio for this reason.

After last year’s sold out show, ScoreMore knew Mala Luna was bound to bring on another good crowd and an even better lineup this year.

ScoreMore Shows is a team that puts together concerts and events, such as Mala Luna, to bring diverse crowds of students, locals and all music and night life lovers together.

The team is based in Austin, but has dabbled in the San Antonio market.

Local artist Swanny Ivy stage dives atMala Luna 2016. Greg Noir

As one of ScoreMore’s marketing contributors, PhaPha, a San Antonio native, has been helping prepare for the festival since the day after last year’s ended.

After Dallas and Austin’s Jmblya and El Paso’s Neon Desert festivals, the team went full swing into preparing for Mala Luna.

According to Pha, the festival this year will cater to a wider genre of music and artists.

After a packed Mala Luna last year, even at a new location, the fest is expected to sell out once again.

For first-time festival goers, and veterans too, don’t come crying and miss out on the music!

“Go enjoy it for what it is…leave the drama at home,” Pha advises. “Also drink a lot of water…and be in the moment.”

The primary purpose of Mala Luna? To bring music lovers together to enjoy a sick line-up. Don’t miss out on the opportunity on Oct. 28 and 29 at Nelson Wolff Stadium.

With Mala Luna being on the last weekend of the month, you’ve got some time to explore and get into some new artists who will be performing on stage.

Mala Luna is offering single day general admission tickets for people who want to go and don’t have the time or the funds to attend both days.

Get out there, and find some new favorites.

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