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Zue poses happily at Jazz Fest. Photo bySofia Garcia

A different approach to jazz: 36th annual Jazz Alive Festival enlightens San Antonians

Sofia Garcia September 24, 2019

Vibrant stage setups and a relaxed ambience fused together, cultivating the scenery for The 36th Annual San Antonio Jazz Alive Festival. Travis Park served as a public space for an atmosphere comprised...

ACL festival goers

All things considered: The ACL guide

Ryan Thompson and Katrina Clements October 10, 2018

What to wear Festivals bring the perfect opportunity to experiment with your style by incorporating new trends and looks. Austin City Limits Festival (ACL) fashion typically consists of cute-casual looks,...

Confetti showers the crowd at last years Mala Luna. Photo courtesy of Greg Noir

Bad moon rising

Natalia Brookens and Maya Halabi October 19, 2017

ScoreMore Shows brings back Mala Luna festival to Nelson Wolff Stadium with a hella lit lineup.   When you think San Antonio, what are the first three things that pop into your head? For many, they...

Tristan Ipock, The Paisano

Concerts vs. music festivals: Which do you prefer?

Jessica Salinas April 19, 2017

Concert-going is one of my favorite pastimes. The number of concerts I have been to exceed the number of years I have been alive. I have been going to concerts with my own money since I was a junior...

San Antonio's changing music scene (Commentary)

San Antonio’s changing music scene (Commentary)

paisano.online1 December 16, 2016

Have you noticed the amount of musical artists that have added San Antonio as a stop on their United States tours? Or noticed the increase in concerts you can now attend in your own city? If you haven’t,...

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