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The best and worst uniforms in college football
Daniel Hartwig/ Notre Dame football’s classic white and gold look.

In college football, outlandish and creative uniforms have become a staple. From Oregon’s various uniform combinations to Alabama’s two classic uniforms, schools are identified by the uniforms they wear on Saturday. In recent years, there has been a movement to come up with creative alternate uniforms for teams to wear each weekend. As a result of this, we have seen some great, and some not so great, uniforms in college football.

Worst Three:


3. Miami (Ohio)

The combination of red and white are two of the easier colors to pair in terms of creating a good uniform. It is rather hard to mess up such a classic color scheme, yet the Miami Redhawks managed to do so. To start off, the helmet is a mess. There seems to be an attempt at some sort of a design on the helmet, but it is undiscernible what this graphic is supposed to represent. While the white pants salvage this uniform to a degree, the red shoulder pads with the word “Miami” on them did not pan out. As a result, “Miami” appears to be “Mimi.” The final, and maybe the worst, characteristic of this uniform is that the trim around the numbers is a shade of gray that doesn’t match the rest of the uniform.

2. Tulane

This uniform, unlike Miami’s white pants, does not have a single feature that make it any less of an eye-sore. Their uniform sports three different unnecessary shades of blue. The stripe down the middle of the helmet is one shade, while the stripe on the shoulder pads appears to be a lighter shade. To pile onto this already hideous uniform, the trim on the numbers is yet another shade of blue. However, the worst part about this uniform is the shade of gray they chose for both the tops and the pants. The shade of grey is somewhere between a dark gray and light gray that is rather unpleasant.

1. Wyoming

Under no circumstances should the color brown be the primary color in any uniform color scheme. The University of Wyoming does not seem to have taken this warning into account when designing their uniforms. Not only did they make brown the primary color, they paired it with mustard yellow pants to ruin any chance of this uniform looking remotely good. Wyoming’s uniforms are without a doubt the worst uniform in college football for a multitude of reasons. Aside from the obvious hideous color combination, they feature a random webbing design on the shoulder pads. Due to the horrid color combination and random graphics on the shoulder pads, the Wyoming Cowboys sport the ugliest uniforms in college football.


Top Three:


3. Oregon “U of O”

Oregon is no stranger to crazy and creative uniform combinations. The Ducks seem to bust out a new and even more inventive uniform every weekend. The uniform on this list, however, is a simple uniform that pays homage to the past. These vintage uniforms offer a throwback with the “U of O” decal on the helmets. Additionally, the crisp combination of light yellow and green make this uniform sharp and appealing. Oregon even added a splash of their modern selves, throwing Puddles the Duck on the shoulder pads.

2. UCLA Bruins

A school rich with football tradition, UCLA is known for the classic baby blue and gold color scheme. The first aspect to look at when observing this uniform is the baby blue tops. This color is iconic in sports culture, and UCLA perfectly pulled it off. To complement their baby blue tops, the Bruins sport matching gold helmets and pants to complete the classic look. Perhaps the best-looking part of the uniform, and the subtlest, is the logo on the helmet. UCLA’s script logo is one of the most recognizable in college football, and its inclusion on the helmet makes this uniform one of the best in college football.


Notre Dame football’s classic white and gold look. Daniel Hartwig/


1. Notre Dame

It is common amongst college football for teams to come out with crazy uniform combinations every weekend. Despite this trend, the most recognizable uniforms continue to be the classics that don’t change. And perhaps the most recognizable of any classic uniform is that of Notre Dame. Along with a rich winning tradition, these uniforms are a staple for The Fighting Irish. The navy-blue tops perfectly complement the clean golden pants Notre Dame wear every Saturday. But what stands out the most is the helmet. The classic solid gold helmet is synonymous with both college football and Notre Dame, making these uniforms the best college football has to offer.

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