The Paisano

Ditch the fashion degree

Editorial staff

November 1, 2017

Fashion is engrained in campus culture. It may be a student’s personality, livelihood, community or dream-career. The Fashion Institute of Design & Marketing (FIDM) in California is the most renown institution of learning for fashion careerists, but professionals in the business don’t always...

Gender Fluidity in Fashion

Ryan Thompson

November 1, 2017

It seems as though our clothing represents our gender identity from the time we are young. Little boys are dressed in blue onesies covered in monster trucks, and little girls are clothed in pink onesies with frills and bows sewed at the hems. My hypothesis is that one’s dress is usually the first mechanism...

Pretty in pink

David Hinajosa

November 1, 2017

Last week, I reflected on how pink fits into fashion. Blue has been my favorite color ever since I was little. I would never wear pink—it wasn’t my favorite color. That is, until I bought my first pink shirt two years ago. Pink in one’s wardrobe is viewed in varying ways. Since pink is stereotypically...

Tangled up history with hair

Briyah Phillips

November 1, 2017

It’s 2017; stores are stocked with curl styling creams, leave-in conditioners and curly hair products galore. Big, curly hair is admired and sought after, but this isn’t how it’s always been. Growing up, my hair was often seen as unruly, unmanageable and odd. For years, I wore my hair up in...

Clothing doesn’t speak for you

Leah Feneley

November 1, 2017

“Clothing is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” But if the clothing you wear has nothing to do with your personality, does your fashion really replace your eyes as the window to your soul? Yes, clothing is a form of self-expression, but it can also be misleading. I do not...

Pollution couture

Photo Courteousy of Creative Commons

Robin Molina

November 1, 2017

Fashion is the world’s second largest pollutant. Practically every step in the production process, from cotton farming to laundering leaves a carbon footprint on the environment. There is no denying the allure of a new pair of jeans or shoes. The option to reinvent and reclaim ourselves through our s...

Lillian + E

Lillian + E founder Ana Richie (left) sports the “Lola” ombré tasasel earrings from her gameday collection. Photo Courtesy of Peyton Killburn

Isaac Serna

November 1, 2017

A university campus is an ideal point of entry for a fashion business. From a marketing perspective, students are attractive. They are a defined group—18-30 demographic with a reputation of being impressionable. Businesses target students in their marketing campaigns, but no one has a better opportunity...

SHEATH Underwear

Vincent Valdez

November 1, 2017

UTSA Business major Chris Davalos, co-owner and operational manager of SHEATH Underwear, is excited about his company’s sales and latest line of underwear. The new underwear design features a unique red and black geometric-patterned waistband, luxurious modal and elastane fabric and Dual Pouch technology. “From...

Intercultural Campus Dialogue

Photos courtesy of Dr. Sara DeTurk

Enrique Bonilla

November 1, 2017

It is not breaking news that San Antonio has had its share of injustices. From the plight of Emma Tenayuca and the Southern Pecan Shelling Company’s worker’s strike in the 1930s to a more recent case regarding the off duty police shooting of Marquise Jones on the northeast side, the Alamo city has...

Full-time mom / full-time mogul

The chaos of Coker balancing four kids, all while enjoying every little ‘imperfect’ perfect moment. Courtesy of Christina Coker

Katrina Clements

November 1, 2017

In the blogger community, it is easy to forget there is a face behind the pretty pictures. Christina Coker, creator of Champagne Taste Beer Budget, doesn’t leave room for misconception. Coker moved to San Antonio from Germany eleven years ago. Five years ago, Coker decided to make her blog a business...

Behind the lens

Cantu at Local Coffee. Isabel Camacaro/The Paisano

Isabel Camacaro

November 1, 2017

Janai Cantu is one of San Antonio’s most influential photographers. Her work includes shooting the lookbooks of Chiq’tique and GreyMoon Vintage, blogger Chic in the Heart of Texas and the singer Storm Calista. Cantu believes one of the unique aspects of the San Antonio fashion scene is the ability...

Stunting on a budget

Shop Rare at Brick at Blue Star. Emily Hubbard/The Paisano

Emily Hubbard

November 1, 2017

Thrifting is taken to a new level through local businesses. Over the past year, vintage fashion has seen a come up from casual everyday life to high fashion. Because vintage fashion is one of the hottest trends right now, items are more accessible than ever: pop ups, online shopping, applications a...