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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Stunting on a budget

Shop Rare at Brick at Blue Star. Emily Hubbard/The Paisano

Thrifting is taken to a new level through local businesses.

Over the past year, vintage fashion has seen a come up from casual everyday life to high fashion.

Because vintage fashion is one of the hottest trends right now, items are more accessible than ever: pop ups, online shopping, applications and old fashion thrifting.

With vintage fashion comes an expression of different eras through patterns, textures, lengths, color saturation and accessories.

Another great thing about shopping vintage is the eco-friendly aspect of it.

Rather than contributing to fast fashion and ill payed laborers in foreign countries, one can reuse and recycle all the great trends from before.

Don’t be afraid to branch out, mix and match and create a new look through the old. All things from frilly to streetwear and everything inbetween goes when it comes to creating a personal look.

The Come Up / Emily Hubbard / The Paisano

You may only need to raid your parent’s closet to hit the mark in the fashion world, but if not, here are some unique businesses in the San Antonio area to shop but on a budget.

PrayxPlot is the perfect option for someone interested in street style, and their unique designs are bound to catch an eye or two.

With bold patterns and strong expression, the brand’s hand-made items are like nothing on the market right now.

Through expertise in screen printing and hand stitching, Jon Tyson has built his inventory, consisting of hats and accessories, prints, tees/tanks, jackets and sweaters, button-ups and bottoms.

Right now, T-shirts and hand-stitched hats are favorites among local buyers, so catch them quick! Find PrayxPlot on or through the @prayxplot handle.

PrayxPlot. Courtesy of Lewis Rodriguez


What’s better than a two in one store? Visit 607 W Hildebrand and you can explore In Search Of as well!

If you haven’t heard of it, don’t feel too bad; the shop is still a newbie to the area. Owners Isaac Mello, Laura Mora, Nathan Gonzalez and Brianna Estrada handpick items from the ‘80s, ‘90s and early ‘00s era to keep each and every one of you stylish all times of the year. Whether it is swim suits and tank tops or windbreakers and jeans, The Come Up and In Search Of has an array of choices.

Bringing some of the hottest brands (Levi’s, Wrangler, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Sport, Guess and many more), the shop provides customers with the essentials for the perfect look.

Less than 15 minutes away from UTSA students, the shop is not only affordable but also accessible.

Looking for something to do? Make sure and check out their monthly events held with an array of pop ups, food, drinks and live music; it is a great opportunity to cop some new items and meet new people! The Come Up and ISO are located at 607 W Hildebrand Ave.

Visit them online at or @thecomeup via Instagram.

ISO can be found online at or @shopinsearchof via Instagram.

Being open for only a year this past September, Shop Rare is the baby of the bunch, but don’t let this fool you, their marketplace is filled with everything funky and fashionable.

Kristine Haynes and Katalya Bustos are the dynamic duo behind the scenes, showcasing on trend brands while also promoting the local art and music scene that San Antonio has to offer.

Their marketplace consists of an array of vendors, changing from event to event, which is guaranteed to have an eye catching find.

Being one of the larger events, it is not hard to rummage around for hours, intrigued by all the pieces and aesthetic atmosphere.

The apparel and accessories tend to verge toward the ‘90s and early 2000s styles, however, other eras can be found depending on the vendors.

On a budget? No worries. The vast selection, there are items even for the penny pinchers. College can be hard, but with Shop Rare, stunting doesn’t have to be. Have some free time?

Check out their Instagram page for information for future pop-ups and events through the @shoprare.marketplace handle.

Happy thrifting!

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