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The Paisano

SHEATH Underwear

UTSA Business major Chris Davalos, co-owner and operational manager of SHEATH Underwear, is excited about his company’s sales and latest line of underwear. The new underwear design features a unique red and black geometric-patterned waistband, luxurious modal and elastane fabric and Dual Pouch technology.

“From the outside, they just look like really nice boxers, but it’s what’s inside that counts,” said Davalos. “They’re super stylish and super comfortable. You can wear them to the gym or wear them out on dates. They’re just all around revolutionary underwear.”

SHEATH Underwear is best known for it’s innovative

, a simple and elegant design—located inside the underwear—which isolates the penis and the testicles from chafing against the thigh, a discomforting feeling for men on hot days when perspiration is likely to occur.

“I wear SHEATH Underwear every day, and if I don’t wear them, for whatever reason, I almost hate my life because it’s so uncomfortable,” said Davalos.

The concept of SHEATH Underwear was born in 2007, when Davalos’ cousin Robert Patton, founder and CEO of SHEATH Underwear and U.S. Army veteran, was stationed in Iraq, where he experienced unrelenting desert heat. His military standard issue underwear failed to provide adequate support in temperatures that average around 125 degrees fahrenheit. He searched for underwear that could meet his expectation but to no avail, so he designed his own.

The Dual Pouch design has increased sales to more than 900 transactions per month with customers in all 50 states, Canada and the U.K., according to Davalos.

“We mainly sell through our website,,” said Davalos. “That’s where 90 percent of our sales come from. We have one fulfillment center in Canada and one fulfillment center in Liverpool. When we get our wholesale from our distributor, some of it gets shipped to those fulfilment centers. They’ve helped out tremendously in terms of the international market.”

SHEATH Underwear also sells their 2.0s and 3.2s styles on Amazon, older versions of their underwear that feature the Zen Pouch, according to Davalos.

Earlier this year, SHEATH sponsored Floyd Mayweather Jr., a professional boxer, for his U.K. tour. Currently, SHEATH sponsors several lower division UFC fighters and an elite team of U.S. Olympic athletes.

“We feel like our company is worth millions of dollars,” said Davalos. “We were actually offered, in 2016, a $2 million dollar buyout. But they didn’t want SHEATH, they wanted our patent for the Dual Pouch and we didn’t really like that. We’ve been building up this brand for years, and the money would completely destroy it. That wouldn’t be fair to our (loyal) customers.”

SHEATH Underwear has over 700 online reviews, six lines of underwear and an online blog on physical and mental health. According to Davalos, wearing SHEATH Underwear is life-changing.

For more information about SHEATH Underwear and their selection, visit and take 25 percent off one item using discount code PAISANO.

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