GLBTQ hosts ‘Coming Out Day’ and various gay-friendly events

National Coming Out Day is a civil awareness day to encourage discussion of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBTQ) issues.

In the United States, National Coming Out Day is observed on Oct. 11. during GLBTQ History Month.

GLBTQ of UTSA will host the event with local San Antonio GLBTQ organizations in the UC Paseo or in front of the bookstore from 10am-1pm depending on the weather,” Charles Miles, GLBTQ of UTSA, said.

“We will also have a few members possibly read there coming out stories and the importance of making the 1st step to coming out. The goal is to spread awareness that “coming out” is still a difficult thing to do for many and also GLBTQ would like to promote hope and support once you have come out,” Miles said. Miles is concerned about the increase in suicide among gay teens.

“There should be no reason that a 13 year old has to take their own life because of bullying and harrassment,” Miles said.

He continued, “We must start being proactive and not reactive. This is not just a GLBTQ issue but a human issue. We have to put an end to it, it takes everyone, people of the GLBTQ community, our allies, the schools, politicians, everyone. Once we see the warning signs, they should not be ignored. We need to speak up for those who may not have a voice, I personally feel as though that is my job. The hate must come to an end and we all have to be apart of it to make it stop.”